Smart Exercising for Joint Health

Joint health is a gateway to fitness, just as joint diseases such as arthritis can lead to an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. The trick is to keep moving, but moving in ways that don’t damage—or exacerbate existing damage in—joints. The good news is that a joint-focused physical activity program is a wonderful whole-life practice.    … Continue reading Smart Exercising for Joint Health

Healthy Food Handling

As another cold and flu season pops up in the calendar, it’s wise to make sure you’re handling food properly to not only get the best nutrition for your money, but that also guarantee that the food you eat doesn’t actually make you sick.     The guidelines for keeping food healthy are mostly common… Continue reading Healthy Food Handling

Should You Get a Flu Shot?

Nobody wants to deal with a bout of flu, but as vaccines and immunizations increasingly come under the glare of public scrutiny and are the focus of rampant misinformation, more and more people are hesitant to get a yearly flu shot.      Judging by all available evidence, that’s a big mistake.   To start… Continue reading Should You Get a Flu Shot?