Maintain Gut Health with Pre- and Probiotics

Your gut is talking to the rest of your body all the time. A healthy gut with a full complement of beneficial bacteria sends messages to other organs—including the brain—prompting nerve and hormone responses. This communication can affect mood and mental health, immune response, and other general health factors. In a very real sense, where… Continue reading Maintain Gut Health with Pre- and Probiotics

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss and Wellness

We like to eat. We eat to celebrate. We eat to feel better when we’re sick or upset. We eat as a social exercise. We eat, and eat, and eat. In the modern age of plenty with every aisle of the supermarket stocked to overflowing, we have a nearly boundless supply of food from which… Continue reading Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss and Wellness

The Magic of Micropractices

Good mental health doesn’t have to be hard. You can reduce stress or anxiety, and defuse outbreaks of negative emotions and feelings easily and quickly with a few simple, “small step” strategies in your self-care toolbox. These are micropractices—easy, quick exercises that you can integrate into the course of any given day, as you need… Continue reading The Magic of Micropractices

How Much Exercise is Enough?

Once upon a time, we were largely an outdoor population. People in cities didn’t necessarily live in dwellings where they wanted to spend a lot of time, so they got out and about. People who didn’t live in cities tended to have a lot of chores to do. Many walked or biked wherever they needed… Continue reading How Much Exercise is Enough?

Healthy (and Not So Healthy) Vegetable Oils

Have you been using more vegetable oils in an attempt to cook healthier? You aren’t alone. Specific vegetable and seed oils have long been a staple of healthy regional eating patterns, such as the Mediterranean diet common to Italy and Greece—and now, much of America.      Although they are often lumped together as one… Continue reading Healthy (and Not So Healthy) Vegetable Oils

Wellness with Wearables

Technology regularly revolutionizes healthcare. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) gave physicians a remarkable tool to look inside the human body in a far less invasive way. Online video services have allowed homebound patients to interact with their medical providers without making the journey to a doctor’s office.     Health wearables capture that same transformative promise.… Continue reading Wellness with Wearables

Defeating Dry Eye

If you regularly experience itching, burning eyes that are overly sensitive to light and often noticeably red at the end of the day, you are likely dealing with dry eye. Not that’s it any consolation, but you are not alone. According to the American Optometric Association, more than 16 million Americans suffer from dry eye,… Continue reading Defeating Dry Eye

Stop Grinding Your Teeth and Sleep Better

Getting a good night’s sleep is enough of a challenge without our bodies and minds colluding to make it harder. But that’s what happens with nocturnal teeth grinding—medically termed “bruxism.”      Simply put, this the detrimental habit of gnashing, clenching, or grinding your teeth during sleep. The practice is often combined with a waking… Continue reading Stop Grinding Your Teeth and Sleep Better

The Standing Desk Paradox

Spend time in any modern office building in America and you’re likely to come across a standing desk. These work-altering pieces of furniture first gained traction in the workplace about twenty years ago, and have since gone on to become ubiquitous. The appeal, for adherents and companies alike, is the potential health benefit from standing… Continue reading The Standing Desk Paradox

CBD and Pain Management

Pain is one of the most intractable health issues and a part of most ailments and diseases. Pain has both medical and psychological components. The chronic pain of some conditions, such as lower back issues, can significantly diminish quality of life. Chronic pain, or the perception of it, is what fueled the opioid epidemic in… Continue reading CBD and Pain Management