Simple Aid for Managing COPD Breathlessness

One of the most effective methods of alleviating the breathlessness common in COPD sufferers during exertion is the technique known as “pursed lip breathing.” However, the panic of breathlessness often disconnects the sufferer from the technique. A simple device appears to effectively replicate the benefits of pursed lip breathing, while making the technique easier and… Continue reading Simple Aid for Managing COPD Breathlessness

Dry Brushing

It’s rare to find a holistic health practice that delivers both aesthetic and preventative benefits. Dry brushing is just such a technique. This is a simple daily routine of stroking the skin on your body with a stiff bristle brush. Proponents often point to the healthier “glow” the skin has after dry brushing, but it… Continue reading Dry Brushing

Avoiding the “Dirty Dozen”

Each year the non-profit Environmental Working Group (EWG) compiles a list of the 12 fruits and vegetables that contain the highest levels of potentially toxic pesticide chemicals. The organization uses test results compiled by the USDA to determine how saturated different produce is, and what contaminants they contain.       The testing for 2022 found… Continue reading Avoiding the “Dirty Dozen”

Cold Water Therapy

Chances are you may have seen a movie or commercial in which athletes dunk themselves in deep tubs full of ice and water. That’s the most common type of cold water therapy, but the benefits aren’t limited to professional athletes. Anyone can use this particular form of what is known as cryotherapy, to improve circulation,… Continue reading Cold Water Therapy

Heart Health and Insomnia

Sleep disruption is often life disrupting. Any disturbance to a good night’s sleep affects both mental and physical well-being. New research reveals just how seriously chronic sleep disruption in the form of insomnia can be, and the potentially deadly impact it can have on cardiovascular health.      The review of existing data—called a meta-analysis—was… Continue reading Heart Health and Insomnia

New Hope for Chronic Back-Pain Sufferers

Chronic back pain is an alarmingly common ailment, one that can degrade quality of life and even lead sufferers to become addicted to prescription painkillers in the hunt for any measure of relief. Effective solutions have proven elusive, but a treatment recently approved by the FDA may represent a new and pain-free lease on life… Continue reading New Hope for Chronic Back-Pain Sufferers

Update for Prostate Cancer Patients

A British study recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine supports the growing trend of men diagnosed with prostate cancer choosing active surveillance rather than treatment. The long-term study following the cases of 1,600 men found that those who opted for the active surveillance track lowered their risk of treatment complications without increasing… Continue reading Update for Prostate Cancer Patients

The Healthiest Refined Sugar Substitutes

Refined sugar is one of the unhealthiest ingredients in the modern American diet. Abundant evidence has shown a link between white sugar and serious diseases from diabetes to cancer. Sugar’s prevalence in a vast array of processed foods—even surprising products like canned soups—has also contributed to America’s epidemic of obesity.     That should come… Continue reading The Healthiest Refined Sugar Substitutes

Benefits of Band Workouts

More and more fitness enthusiasts—and regular people—are discovering the benefits of resistance band workouts. These specially constructed bands are provide continuous resistance to body movements. The workouts can be vigorous, and even challenging. No matter what, the bands reduce the risk of injury prevalent with some other resistance exercises like weight training.      The… Continue reading Benefits of Band Workouts

Secrets to Better Sleep

Because we assume that it happens automatically, we tend to tolerate poor sleep. That’s a huge mistake because high-quality sleep may be the golden key that unlocks whole-life health. The opposite is also true: disrupted and poor-quality sleep contribute to a host of serious chronic diseases, according to the National Institutes of Health and supported… Continue reading Secrets to Better Sleep