CBD Labeling Inaccuracies

The potential health benefits of cannabidiol (CBD) continue to be researched and hyped in equal measure. CBD has shown promise as an anti-inflammatory, pain fighter, sedative, anxiety reliever and more. However, few of those possible uses have been conclusively proven. Still, thousands of individuals have found CBD helpful in managing pain, getting better sleep, and… Continue reading CBD Labeling Inaccuracies

Marijuana and Sleep Disruption

Many people think that indulging in a vape or puff of pot right before bedtime can help ensure a good night’s sleep. A new survey on marijuana and sleep, commissioned by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, indicates that view is wrong. In fact, the results of the survey point to the opposite conclusion—that marijuana… Continue reading Marijuana and Sleep Disruption

Kencur Ginger as a Cancer-Fighter

A Japanese study published late last year found that a South Asian spice, Kencur ginger, had anticancer properties. The spice specifically inhibits cancer cell growth. Usually sold as “sand ginger,” this version of the common household spice-rack staple is also sold as galanga (the umbrella botanical name for all gingers), aromatic ginger, and cutcherry. The… Continue reading Kencur Ginger as a Cancer-Fighter

The Truth About Fish Oil

Supplement sales are big business in the U.S. and around the globe. Unfortunately, it is a poorly regulated business. Manufacturers often overstate health claims on their labels, including the levels of different ingredients alleged to be included in the supplement.      One of the most popular supplements—and one of the most misrepresented and overhyped—is… Continue reading The Truth About Fish Oil


The healing power of nature is well-documented. One famous study found that spending just two hours a week in nature can measurably improve physical health and mental well-being. That’s the benefit of passively being “in” nature. Imagine the upside if you immersed yourself in natural surroundings and activities in a clinical, intentional way.     … Continue reading Ecotherapy

The Health Benefits of Honey

Humans have enjoyed the complex flavors and intense sweetness of honey for thousands of years. They’ve also used it as a health aid for just as long. That’s because this sweetener—especially in its raw, organic form—is a powerful antibiotic and antimicrobial, and is chock full of diverse vitamins, minerals, and beneficial compounds.     Ancient… Continue reading The Health Benefits of Honey

Healthy Kitchen Habits

Foodborne illness is far too common in home kitchens across America. Most cases of food poisoning or food-borne illnesses are caused by mishandling of food or surfaces with which it comes into contact. These sicknesses range from simple upset stomach to more serious case of salmonella or trichinosis that can land you in the hospital.… Continue reading Healthy Kitchen Habits

The Dark Side of Erythritol

For those who are embracing a sugar-free diet, alternative sweeteners that act like sugar and don’t leave a chemical aftertaste are worth their weight in gold. That’s why the plant-derived sugar alcohol erythritol has been prized by bakers and manufacturers alike. It reacts chemically much like sugar does, without the gastrointestinal issues common with other… Continue reading The Dark Side of Erythritol

Yoga to Improve Lung Function

You may think of yoga as primarily a stretching exercise, but its benefits extend far beyond that. In fact, studies show the right yoga regimen may help breathing and lung function, offering promise to asthmatics and others with breathing difficulties and even lung and cardiopulmonary diseases.     This shouldn’t come as a surprise. Controlled… Continue reading Yoga to Improve Lung Function

Flotation REST for Anxiety and Stress

If you’re of a certain age, you likely remember the movie “Altered States,” which prominently featured a sensory deprivation float tank. For a short time after the movie’s release, sensory deprivation tanks were all the rage.      Fast forward to the current moment, and the flotation tank is making a comeback. This time, however,… Continue reading Flotation REST for Anxiety and Stress